BMS Product Comparison

Features of each SureFire Burner Management System

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Features BMS-100 BMS-300 BMS-350
12 Volt DC Output               
12 or 24 Volt DC Input (limited to 90 watts)               
Solar Panel Input for Battery Charging               
Flame Sense – Flame Rod          
Flame Sense – Igniter          
Flame Sense – Thermocouple (T/C)          
Shutdowns (2) (2) (1)
Standbys (2) (3) (2)
Alternate Sensing (w/ pressure, level switches, etc.)          
Temperature Control w/ Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD)          
Temperature Control w/ Thermocouple (T/C)     
Thermocouple (T/C) Safety Shutdown          
4-20 mA Input     
1st Stage Solenoid               
2nd Stage Solenoid               
4-20mA Output          
Alarm Output          
Run Status               
Adjustable Extreme High Temp Delta (EHTD)     
Attempts & Successes (A/S) Readout          
Attempts & Successes (A/S) Resettable     
Adjustable Flame Proof Timing (FPT)          
Adjustable Solenoid Timing          
Battery Volts Readout               
Days Burner On Counter     
Hours Burner On Counter     
System Days Unit On Counter     
Flame Strength Indication               
Flame Strength Threshold – Adjustable          
Igniter Volts Display     
Indicator LEDs               
Pilot Mode Intermittent          
Pilot Mode Standing               
Single Stage Capable               
2 Stage Capable               
Status Code               
Status Code History     
Adjustable Pre-purge Timing     
Adjustable Re-Ignition Attempts     
Data Logging