FT-6 Ignition Unit

FT-6 with Flame Rod


FT-6 with Thermocouple


Pilotless Ignition - No Adjustment, No Cleaning Needed

  • True plug and play
  • Time-saving simple installation
  • No gaps to set
  • Armored, flame resistant, conduit-ready wiring
  • Flame sensing with flame rod or thermocouple
  • Coil not required
  • Services pilotless fuel trains
  • Compliant to API RP 12N flame arrestor testing
Specifications Data Sheet

Specifications – FT-6 Ignition Unit

  • SureFire Sparkless Ignition Technology included on all FT units
  • 6061 grade aluminum body, anodized red
  • 304 grade stainless steel nozzle
  • Date coded, individually serialized
  • Extreme cold weather service with proper fuel train
  • Low power, 12 volt DC service
  • High temperature ignition wiring to 1000°F
  • Flame sensing with flame rod or thermocouple
  • Kanthal flame rod rated 2600°F
  • Armored wiring harness to 500°F duty / 800°F flash
  • Enclosed fire tube service
  • Type K thermocouple flame-sensing rated 2200°F
  • Armored wiring harness to 1000°F duty / 1500°F flash
  • Exposed combustor or incinerator service
  • Enclosed firetube service
  • Inlet: 3 inch NPT
  • Duty: Pilotless, direct ignition of main burner
  • For use with Eclipse 3 inch mixer @ 1,000,000 Btu/h
  • Use with non-piloted fuel train